Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic Care for Optimal Health in Andrews

Optimal health happens when all three aspects of our being, physical, mental, and emotional, are aligned and working the way they're intended to. Modern-day chiropractic care doesn't use pills, chemicals, involve surgery, or cause more injury for a patient. It's a healthier alternative for alleviating various ailments. At Restoration Chiropractic in Andrews, TX, we are committed to providing the quality care our patients need to achieve optimal wellness.


Chiropractic Care Involves Various Types of Treatments

Spinal adjustments are the core of chiropractic treatment. However, adjustments are made in various ways with different focus and manipulation depending on what issue is being treated. Traction can be added for increased relaxation.

Within these treatments, there are different techniques and modalities that are used. Chiropractic techniques are treatments that involve direct patient contact. These techniques include a diversified approach by using Thompson, activator, soft-touch, and Graston methodologies. Other types of treatments are called modalities, which do not require direct patient contact. Some modalities we offer include:

Infrared therapy: Safe levels of infrared radiation are aimed at your body to help see more clearly where there might be pain points or other inflammation issues in the body. It's like looking through X-Ray glasses, except we see colored heat splotches on the body, which tell us the difference between calm areas of the body and non-calm areas, and there is no actual X-ray.

Ultrasound therapy: This type of therapy heats your muscles using sound waves. The sound waves stimulate blood flow, which will reduce swelling and help calm muscle spasms. This process is something you can feel but is painless.

Vibration therapy: Concentrated vibrations are applied at specific points of your body with a unique tool by our chiropractor. The rest of your body will not be shaking. When the application happens, we find that our patients experience significant improvement in movement capability shortly after.

Infrared sauna: This therapy uses infrared sources to increase your body temperature rather than sitting in a traditional sauna. Infrared light will heat your body directly rather than steam. We use this modality with the hope that our patients can achieve a state of relaxation. Some levels of detoxification happen while sweating.

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