Shoulder Pain treatment

Shoulder pain can occur at just about any time and due to a variety of reasons. You might have a minor injury that causes you to favor one shoulder to avoid further injury. Or you might suffer a serious injury to your shoulder due to a car accident or other cause that makes it nearly impossible to use your shoulder without enduring extreme pain. Our experienced chiropractor and staff at Restoration Chiropractic in Andrews, TX, can help alleviate shoulder pain while enabling natural healing to happen even faster.


Common Shoulder Injuries Treated

Whether you have a dislocation, broken collarbone, torn rotator cuff, or another commonly occurring shoulder injury, an experienced chiropractor can help. Quality chiropractic care delivers effective and non-invasive treatment that relieves swelling and inflammation while promoting your body’s natural healing. Instead of continual injections or surgical procedures, our experienced chiropractic staff delivers truly beneficial, affordable treatment and provides a more holistic approach to healing without invasive or potentially dangerous medical procedures.

We Help to Loosen Frozen Shoulder Syndrome

If you experience pain and have limited movement in your shoulder and upper arm, you could be suffering from frozen shoulder syndrome. Soft tissue injuries can lead to swelling and inflammation that make it virtually impossible to move your arm and shoulder without extreme pain.

A frozen shoulder goes from the freezing stage that limits initial movement with pain to the frozen stage that makes your shoulder very stiff. The thawing stage is when the range of motion returns and the pain subsides.

Many Types of Effective Chiropractic Care

Because it emphasizes natural and non-invasive healing, chiropractic care is an excellent source of physical therapy. An experienced chiropractor can promote natural healing while reducing pain, swelling, and inflammation. Massage therapy is a good way to loosen your shoulder while enabling increased blood flow to the afflicted area.

Electrostimulation can promote rapid healing by encouraging more red blood cells to flood the area and bring more oxygen to the afflicted area. There are many kinds of physical therapy your chiropractor can provide to help you heal faster and feel better without potentially addictive pain medication.

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